COVID-19 UPDATE: ZONE Restrictions have been lifted. LUXE follows all COVID Protocols.

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Luxe Chair Rentals

Luxe Salon, Spa & Laser Center is looking for hair renters.

Luxe is a full service salon and spa seeking experienced, reliable and talented hairstylists. Chair renters may be full or part time.
Beautiful and Upscale Atmosphere!
  • Hours are flexible
  • Convenient parking
  • Free wifi
  • Spacious waiting areas
  • Professional development assistance
  • Referral program
  • No shop charge
  • Set your own prices
  • Sell and keep all retail revenue
  • Manage your own schedule and appointments
  • Walk-ins are welcomed
  • Extremely large salon area and working area
  • We promote your work on Facebook, Instagram and our high traffic website




Welcome Back!

To our valued guests.

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your patience, understanding and support during this unprecedented time. We have been looking forward to the day we can welcome our guests back to Luxe Salon Spa and Laser Center (Luxe).

We are open and booking appointments. Please call (585) 256-1050. We are so pleased to be serving you once again! 

Luxe is now able to provide the following services:

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Now Offering hydrafacial & Medical Peels – BOOK NOW!

HydraFacial uses a patented technology to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate skin. HydraFacial is tailored to address specific skin needs with no down time!

For more information about HydraFacial, please click here.

Luxe also now offers a variety of Medical grade chemical peels, including Mandelic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Pyruvic Acid peels. For more information about medical grade peels offered at Luxe, please click here. To learn more about which peel may be right for you, please consult with one of our estheticians.

Luxe Prenatal Massage

BY Caroline LewisMassage Therapist at Luxe Salon, Spa & Laser Center While carrying a baby can be an exciting time, it can also be a time of discomfort and stress. A Luxe Prenatal Massage is an excellent way to relieve your discomfort and enjoy some relaxing moments before your delivery due date! Some benefits of a Luxe Prenatal Massage: • Redu...
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Skin Scope is computerized technology that will show you and your provider what is going on with your skin. In less than one minute you will see with your own eyes the damage that your skin has suffered from sun, aging, dehydration, excess oils and cellular build up. Skin Scope will... 1.) Read your skin's moisture level 2.) Read you...
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Make 2018 Great!!

A few things that will help you make 2018 a great year!  *Set Goals: Personal and Business Goals: Break them down  month (track your success) *Find Balance in your life: Set time aside for you! Meditate, exercise...pray. Whatever helps you focus. *Keep learning! Be open to new people! 

Is Foot or Heel Pain Cramping Your Style?

BY Janet Lambert SmithMassage Therapist at Luxe Salon, Spa & Laser Center Are you one of the many people who experience foot or heel discomfort in the morning after taking those first steps of the new day?  Do you experience cramping for no apparent cause in the arch of your foot? You may have a common condition known as Plantar Fasciitis....
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Holistic or Deep Tissue Massage…How to Choose?

BY Caroline LewisMassage Therapist at Luxe Salon, Spa & Laser Center Have you ever wondered if you should schedule a Holistic Massage or choose a Deep Tissue Massage? Holistic (Swedish) Massage includes movements such as effleurage (gliding), petrissage (kneading), friction (rubbing) along with vibration and percussion. Stretching with the help...
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Can massage help your computer neck and shoulders?

As massage therapists, many of the clients we see are workers with stress and pain from their forward head, forward shoulder and flex hip posture that causes a variety of problems. Common postural strain shortens muscle groups at the front of the body, while those in the back are taut and overstretched. We notice strain as knots and tight bands in ...
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How to choose the right shade of blonde

How to choose the right shade of blonde? Are you in pursuit of the perfect blonde shade…from platinum blonde to dark balayage…how do you choose? Let's go right to the source….We talked to JILLIAN BURGEN, Hair stylist and colorist at Luxe Salon, Spa and Laser Center. She has some great questions and suggestions to help you in selecting that perfect ...
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Massage for Golfers

Most golf injuries result from poor technique and mechanics. All golf swings involve a great deal of rotation and compression and it is always a good idea to take lessons from a PGA teaching professional to assure good form and avoid injuries. Andrew Serwetnyk, Massage Therapist at here Luxe Salon, Spa and Laser Center will advise his clients to do...
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Look your best!

If you look you best, it's likely you'll feel  you best. So go ahead ...treat yourself to that facial or manicure and pedicure. Schedule a regular massage, your wellness should be a top priority! And men, don't think this doesn't apply to you! Call Luxe Salon and Spa at (585) 256-1050 today!

Luxe Thought for the day...

 Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world" Harriet Tubman

Take years off your look!

​Are you thinking the it's time for a change? Maybe  a new hair style, new make up... a fresh LOOK? Then It's time to work with one of the professional stylists at Luxe Salon, Spa and Laser Center! They will assist you in achieving that winning look. Here are a few hairstyles that might jump star your new style journey. * SHORT AND SAAY * IMPE...
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​Microblading is coming to Luxe Salon, Spa and Laser Center!! Stay tuned for more details. Microblading is the art of placing pigment under the skin in fine, hair-like strokes to fill in the brows and mimic missing hair.

Reiki at Luxe

Do you have a hard time relaxing and never really take the time to honor your spirit? Well... then you need to try REIKI! Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self improvement that everyone can use. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person inc...
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Suffering from migraine pain? Experience relief through Migraine Healing Therapy at Luxe Salon, Spa and Laser Center

Chronic headaches can be debilitating, especially migraine headaches. Sometimes medication isn’t effective, or maybe you simply prefer alternative medicine. Migraine Healing Therapy, one of the Wellness services offered at Luxe, is a safe, natural treatment designed to not only relieve migraine pain, but to alleviate future migraines as well.

Licensed Massage Therapist Janet Lambert Smith is Luxe’s provider of Migraine Healing Therapy. Janet has ten years of experience with healing energy work, and is a Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She consults with clients about their entire health history in order to provide the most holistic and effective treatment possible, as other health issues may influence migraine or stress headache pain.

Each client receives a customized treatment, which may include Massage, Aromatherapy, the application of Cold Stones, Energywork, Cranialsacral Therapy or a combination of all of the above. These techniques help to release pressure and inflammation, and, in turn, reduce headache pain. Janet also charts the client’s progress over time, and adjusts the treatment accordingly. If a client’s headaches change over time, so does the treatment.

As a result of Migraine Healing Therapy, clients have reported immediate relief, and a decrease in frequency of migraines. Scheduling regular Migraine Healing Therapy appointments can help to reduce migraine severity and prevent future migraines from occurring.

“Results have been very positive, and I am encouraged that we can make a difference in people’s lives through the reduction of migraine pain. I am incredibly passionate about this therapy.”
- Janet Lambert Smith, Licensed Massage Therapist

Schedule a consultation/appointment with Janet today at 585-256-1050

The Luxe Vision, Mission, and Values

Luxe Salon, Spa and Laser Center is one of the most innovative, high-end salons in the greater Rochester area. Our vision is for each and every one of our staff to grow and perfect their skills and customer service, allowing Luxe to continuously adapt to better serve our clients and exceed their expectations. Our mission is to provide a comprehensi...
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Welcome to the Luxe Salon, Spa, & Laser Center Blog!

This is the place where you can find regular updates on the latest specialty services, products, and events offered here at Luxe. We are an upscale salon and spa that provides a wide range of services, and here are just a few:  Our Salon offers cuts, color, extensions (three different types!), treatments, and special occasion styles Nail ...
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COVID-19 LATEST Information

Dear Clients,
We are so happy that the state has deemed the personal care industry safe during this unsure time, allowing Luxe Salon, Spa and Laser Center to remain open. We recognize that this is a stressful time for everyone and appreciate your continued loyalty and understanding. Our goal at Luxe is to serve our clients in the safest way possible. In order to ensure safety, our employees are tested every other week and fill out a COVID-19 screening form at the start of each shift. We are also sanitizing all areas of the building frequently throughout the day. All clients have their temperature taken and wash their hands upon entering the building. We also require that all clients wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose.

We take client and employee health and safety very seriously and kindly ask that you reschedule if you do not feel well. It is our promise to continue our commitment to our valued customers through social distancing, proper mask wearing, hand washing and disinfecting on a regular basis. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call us at (585) 256-1050 and we will be happy to address any concerns.

Be sure to connect with us on social media and check for new emails for any information regarding COVID-19 practices or changes in the future. We are also happy to offer curbside pickup for Gift Cards and products. Call us to place an order over the phone and let us know when you arrive.

The Luxe Team